Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is a list of common questions that our clients ask us.

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Does my property need an electrical repair?

If you're asking that question, then the answer is probably yes and you should call Suntricity Electric to set up a visit. Common symptoms of a faulty electrical system are flickering lights, outlets that don't work, and blown circuit breakers.

Are you available for urgent response?

We understand that electrical problems can happen at any time of the day or night. As such, we are able to provide electricians on very short notice as a service to the local Cambridge community. In case of an emergency, call us at 519-623-5256.

My electrical panel is buzzing. Is this dangerous?

It can be. While many electrical panels do produce vibrations that can create a light buzzing sound, there are other, more serious, potential causes. A loose wire or faulty circuit breaker can also generate a buzz and both should be fixed by a professional electrician.

My power just went off. What do I do?

If you weren't expecting a scheduled outage, then the first step is to call your electrical provider and make sure there's no maintenance work or outages in your area. If the issue is isolated to your property and not those around you, call us for immediate service.

How much do you charge for a basic "Service Call"?

Our fee for a basic "Service Call" is $120.00 plus taxes. That includes up to 1 hour of electrical work or troubleshooting. If we've completed your task in less than 1 hour, we're happy to assist with any other electrical items you may have concerns with during the remaining time. If required, materials, permits and other items will incur additional charges.

Why does my circuit breaker keep flipping?

The most common cause of a circuit breaker that flips repeatedly is an overloaded circuit, such as when too many appliances are connected to the same line. Try to identify what is drawing power at the time of the flip and call us for a quick and easy solution.

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